Instruction Manual Teacher IOS


1.  Teacher


You will get Username and Password after Registration.


                                                               i.      Username

                                                             ii.      Password



2.  iOS

a.       Use Download link to get iOS app






b.      Login


c.   Features to be tried


                                                               i.      See and Edit Teacher info

1.       Profile



2.       Dashboard


3.       Subject list


4.       Student list


                                                             ii.      Give Reward points to students




                                                            iii.      Use Thanq points to create “Smart Cookie Coupons”


                                                           iv.      Sponsors

1.       See Sponsor map

a.       Based on School Location

b.      Based on Current Location

c.       Based on Custom Location




2.       Buy Sponsor coupons using points


3.       Use a coupon at sponsor location


a.       Smart Cookie Coupons



b.      Sponsor Coupons



                                                             v.      Let your social network know

1.       When you get points

2.       When you buy coupons

3.       When you use coupons

4.       When you buy Soft rewards


3.       Send feedback to