Instruction Manual for “Smart Sponsor”




A.  Sponsor :


-   Credentials


        You will get MemberID after Registration.You can login with:

                                                                               i.            Registered Email-ID/Registered Phone-Number/Generated MemberID:

                                                                             ii.            Password :


B.  Web :

-      Website Name / URL :  https://www.smartcookie.in/




C.  Feedback Email-ID :

            -  feedback@smartcookie.in


-   Registration : 



-   Login : 




-   Features  : 


       i.            Select Shop:



       ii.            Add Shop:



       iii.            Dashboard/Accept Coupon:




       iv.            Accept Sponsor Coupon:



                   a. Alert message after redeeming "Smart Cookie" Coupon:



                   b. Alert message after redeeming "Sponsor" Coupon:



       v.            Setup:


       a.            Setup-Product and Discount:



       b.            Setup-Sponsor Coupon:



       c.            Setup-Proud Sponsor of SmartCookie:



       vi.            Coupon Log:


       a.            Generated Coupons:



       b.            Accepted SmartCookie Coupon:



       c.            Organization wise Sponsor Coupon Usage:



       d.            My Product Gallery:



       vii.            Sponsor Map:



       viii.            Profile:



       ix.            My QR Code: