Teacher is also one of the important entities in Smart Cookie system.

Teacher gets green points from school admin to reward his students.

There is a dashboard which shows balance green points, blue points, brown points and water points of the teacher. Clicking on any color points will give log of that colored point.

The list of subjects taught along with branch, semester and class is also displayed on both web and app. On clicking on the subject the

The list of students with the information such as name of students, PRN, division, branch, green points is also shown.

The teacher can assign reward to his students by clicking on assign button and selecting the reason and method. Once the teacher assigns then the reward will get add to student’s profile. It will be displayed on student app using Google Cloud Messenger.

Logs of rewards given to students, shared points (shared with other teachers), thanQ points (given by students and school admin) are also maintained.

Teacher can generate coupon using his thanQ points (blue points). He can also buy sponsor coupons using his thanQ points.

Teacher can also tweet or post on facebook about redeem of the coupon so that he can share about using the coupon at any vendor with the world.

There is log of used, unused coupons of both smart cookie and sponsor coupon along with My Cart.

Teacher can appoint student coordinator who is representative of students. He has two tasks.