Sponsor comes into picture when the user of smart cookie specially student, teacher parent convert their reward points into coupon to avail various discounts on food products, travel, recharge, etc.

There are two coupons in the system namely smart cookie coupons and sponsor coupons.

Smart cookie coupons are the one which are generated by user using rewards points and will be redeemed at sponsor end. Sponsor will decide the discount based upon the points.

Sponsor coupons are defined by sponsor for their store and the user has to buy those coupons using reward points. Those coupons should be redeemed at that sponsor only.

When the user (teacher/ student) comes with the smart cookie coupon then the sponsor will scan the bar / QR code present on it. The entire information of user will occur for verifying the user details. The user can either get discount or buy the product from the vendor.

When user comes with sponsor coupon then the sponsor will either enter or scan the coupon code and will accept the coupon. Then the user can avail the service at vendor.

Leaderboard of top 10 students by school/college, duration, subjects name and activity name.

There is the log of accepted sponsor and smart cookie coupon as well. The log of College wise sponsor coupons is also maintained.

The sponsor can set up the discount and product. Sponsor can also set sponsor coupons.

The sponsors who are registered with smart cookie and those who are suggested by the users of smart cookie are seen on the map.

The sponsor can edit his created profile.