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School admin is the second most important entity in Smart Cookie system.

The school admin distributes the green points to teacher and blue points to students for further distribution.

The school admin has the count of its teachers, students, sponsors, non teaching staff, parents, subjects, students per semester, students per subjects and teacher per subjects.

It also gives information of top 10 students of the school/college on the basis of curricular or other activities.

School admin adds the entire data of its school/college by uploading excel file to the system.

It has the list of teacher with his information like his display picture, name, teacher id, phone number, email id, department, and number of subjects taught. It also has right to edit the information.

It has the list of students with the information like display picture, name, student PRN, branch, course level, year, phone number, and number of subjects undertaken. It also has right to edit the information.

It has the list of parents with the information like their name, their student’s name with student’s PRN, occupation, email id, phone number and family income.

It has the list of semester which gives information including class, semester name, branch name, department name, semester credit, whether the semester is enable and is it a regular semester. It has right to update the information.

It has list of student semester mapping records with information like name of student, PRN, branch name, department name, course level, semester name, division name and academic year.

It has list of teacher subject mapping records with information like name of teacher, teacher id, subject code, subject title, branch, semester and division name.