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Just in time motivation is needed to promote a desired behavior.  Education is a nation building activity. Since we want build a strong nation, we need to motivate our students and teachers.  We believe we do not reward students often and never never reward the Teachers , timely. Just like justice, a reward delayed is a reward denied.

We see that a trainer that trains a seal to jump through the hoop and the first thing he does after the seal jumps is feed it immediately. Where as we make the student jump though the hoops all through the year but reward a small percentage of them … at the end of the year. And then we wonder, why the students are not excited.

Let us fix that:

With The Smart Cookie Rewards program, we are injecting enthusiasm in the system.

In The US a Smart Student is called a Smart Cookie hence we named our initiative a “Smart Cookie Rewards Program”

We set of to give billions of rewards worldwide.

We start the process by minting our proprietary “Enthusiasm Currency”.

We have unique algorithm to decide the number of points to be given to the education institutes for encouraging Students and Teachers depending on various parameters like:

  • Number of Students
  • Number of Teachers
  • Number of Subjects
  • Sports
  • Community Service
  • Arts
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Startup Promotions
  • Encouragement given to the students
  • Plus 21 other parameters

Education being the most integral part of Nation building activity, we can help motivation in various parts for the same. Creating a strong, competitive, moral World Class environment in our Country. Key design considerations will be to create rules engine for the institutes distributing points to Teachers and Students

Teachers will be provided with Apps that will show students and activities done by them on the real time basis and will enable them to give reward points and thankq points to the Students and the Teachers respectively.The Teachers will give reward points to the students which will be shown on the students apps that we have developed. Students, on receiving these points, will be able to share the same to each other (friends and family).

The program has the latest gamification technology like leader boards, soft rewards and badges of honour etc.  Soft rewards earned will become a part of their resume (CV) that can be used to demonstrate their 3600 performance on a longitudinal basis. This will help them in getting jobs or admissions to higher education.

Students will thank their teacher by giving them ThankQ points. In addition the teachers can  get reward points for continued education innovation & Participation in community projects.

Currently there are various market forces such as universal use of mobile, consumerism and recognition of education as a top national priority  for all nations resulting in various government and community programs.

We are working on enhancing the system to include corporate rewards to employees and mangers, volunteers in govt. program literacy and Swatch Bharat, Health promotion and prevention as well as rural health programs,

This concept has been discussed with various schools, colleges DSO’s sports ministry employment bureau , AICTE start up programs- NCL, NGO’S SME Corporations universal support to provide motivation in order to reading a gap between edu. & Ind. System will encourage to use their CSR funds to convert into reward points and use them through mentor apps to encourage the students.

These points can be converted to soft rewards such as Stars, Badges, Crowns as well a symbols of pride . These can become a permanent, longitudinal record of accomplishments. This can help them in increasing their employability, Getting scholarships for further education, providing mobile coupons that can be redeemed for free products and discounts at sponsor’s cafes, online training programs, classroom training programs, movie theaters, sport events travel etc.    We would be talking to global educational institutes to use these points in their selection process.

The system will also use “Thank You” points given to the students for further distribution to teachers by thanking them or giving extra attention, mentoring the students, preparing the teaching materials, coaching etc.

Parents will also play an important role by giving reward points to students and thank you points to teachers in order to give an equitable.

In addition to the Reward points and ThanQ points/Thank you the system awards points such as

  • Friendship Points
  • Family Points
  • Trade Points
  • Social Credit Points
  • And
  • Organizational Medals.

For areas where mobile penetration is low, coupons will be provided in the form of id cards or paper coupons.

Students can say he/she is a star performer from a rural school/ a 3 star student from a regional English college or a 5 star performer from IIT/Medical school.

Because of its universal applicability to nation building, in India, the Smart Cookie Rewards program will be named with pride as “Protsahan Bharati” .